Handy Fogging Machine

handy fogging machine

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Handy Fogging Machine


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Product Description

Neptune Handy Fogging Machine is noiseless operation machine to control mosquito’s menace in small areas. Convenience of this machine allows user to operate this machine personally without any technical help.Handy foggy machine are more in effective for poultry,
1. Generate sufficient fog to control mosquitoes & flying insects.
2. Ideal for large areas like Bungalow, Outdoor party lawns, Farm House , Schools &amp, Parking lots, Garden ,Colleges etc.
3.Easy to carry & Operate.
4. Silent operation makes it ideal for domestic use.
5. 1 Gas can run continuously for 4-5 hours.



  • Solution Tank: 2Ltr
  • Fuel Tank: Gas tank
  • Fuel Consumption: 225 g/hrs
  • Wt. 1.5-1.8 KG

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Weight 1800 g


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