Portable Fogging Machine NPF-BPK 180


Portable Fogging Machine NPF-BPK 180

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Neptune Portable Fogging Machine is the pulse-jet thermal foggers are manufacturer, tested in accordance with international quality standard and complying with WHO Requirements. All seals, gasket & diaphragm contacting solution solution are made of Teflon &  Vinton Material.

Easy start up, operate, maintain. competent for heavy duty. Precisely regulating valve for regulate solution output, have been market with scale, easily and precisely to regulate solution output.


  • Engine Pipe Material: Stainless Steel
    • Solution Tank: 8*2
    • Fuel Tank:2.5 Ltr
    • Fuel Consumption: 3.0 Ltr/hr
    • Energy : Lithium Dedicated Battery
    • Wt. 6.5 KG
  • Gross Wt. 10.6 KG
  • Combustion Chamber Output 18.6
  • Max Flow Rate 2 L/M
  • Engine Form: Turbine
  • Power : 56 CC
  • Carburetor Structure : Turbo