Portable Fogging Machine ISI Marked


Portable Fogging Machine ISI Marked

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Neptune Portable Fogging Machine is the pulse-jet thermal foggers are manufacturer and tested in accordance with international quality standard and complying with WHO Requirements. All seals, gasket & diaphragm contacting solution solution are made of Teflon &  Vinton Material.

Stainless steel fuel tank, chemical tank, anti corrosion . Good quality stainless steel-cooling jacket and protective shield, secure safety.

Easy start up, operate, maintain. competent for heavy duty. Precisely regulating valve for regulate solution output, have been market with scale, easily and precisely to regulate solution output.


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  • ISI Pulse-Jet Type Machine
    • Solution Tank: 6Ltr
    • Fuel Tank: 1.5 Ltr
    • Fuel Consumption: 1.5-2 Ltr/hr
    • Energy : 4×1.5 V Battery
    • Wt. 7.9 KG
  • Gross Wt. 11.6 KG
  • Combustion Chamber Output 18.6/25.2
  • Max Flow Rate 42 L/H
  • Flow Rate With oil 0-45 L/H
  • Solution Tank Pressure .25Bar
  • Fuel Tank Pressure 0.06Bar